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Nia: Special forces may use knvies for fighting people. I used a knife during my ordinary forces deployments all the time .to open packages and boxes, as pry bar, as an improvised screwdriver and to op... (16.07.2013 00:36)
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Welcome: Thanks for being on point and on taegrt! (16.07.2013 11:16)
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China: I just wanted to say I loved liinntseg to your spotlight and although I'm fairly new to the Paperclipping community, I've been scrapping since way back... those albums with junky paper a... (16.07.2013 19:57)
China: I just wanted to say I loved liinntseg to your spotlight and although I'm fairly new to the Paperclipping community, I've been scrapping since way back... those albums with junky paper a... (16.07.2013 19:57)
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Mary: By regivens February 21, 2012 - 11:41 pmI have been unbale to find any source documents verifying who Eunice married directly. I did find a marriage record for a Moses McKenney whose parents were ... (17.07.2013 07:01)
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MSubhan: well that's a hard one since their all so different.jared leto and jeff hadry are more ruged while bill has soeftr features witch make him sexy in an androgynous kind of way but on the other ... (18.07.2013 19:11)
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