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Angel: Yeah! You are right, Requiem For a Dream really ilicedrbne movie and Jared's acting very impressed me too. Jared is very talented and nice person, i like him even if many people talking some ... (29.04.2012 03:04)
Angel: Yeah! You are right, Requiem For a Dream really ilicedrbne movie and Jared's acting very impressed me too. Jared is very talented and nice person, i like him even if many people talking some ... (29.04.2012 03:04)
Angel: Yeah! You are right, Requiem For a Dream really ilicedrbne movie and Jared's acting very impressed me too. Jared is very talented and nice person, i like him even if many people talking some ... (29.04.2012 03:04)
Puat: -You are right, of course lkniig the song does not make someone a fangirl and I apologize for being snarky. Some like it, some don't and that's okay. However, it is the fangirls that hav... (29.04.2012 14:35)
Jorge: All you ppl that came in here just to say that its not that great, get the HELL OUT! If you don't like it, then why are you in here commenting on it, cuz in your eyes that shuold be like a wa... (30.04.2012 01:07)
Liz: I saw them at CokeFest and I remember Jared Leto sraewing too! But I agree, the music was still good. The songs from the new album have really grown on me. I will definitely be checking out the co... (13.07.2013 13:55)
Liz: I saw them at CokeFest and I remember Jared Leto sraewing too! But I agree, the music was still good. The songs from the new album have really grown on me. I will definitely be checking out the co... (13.07.2013 13:55)
Liz: I saw them at CokeFest and I remember Jared Leto sraewing too! But I agree, the music was still good. The songs from the new album have really grown on me. I will definitely be checking out the co... (13.07.2013 13:55)
Zhy: Fabulous job G!! I have a ton of faves, I can't possibly pick just one or two. I do rellay love that one of the bride alone, outside, by the tree .just awesome. (14.07.2013 05:37)
Solange: Yeah! You are right, Requiem For a Dream really inrbedicle movie and Jared's acting very impressed me too. Jared is very talented and nice person, i like him even if many people talking some ... (15.07.2013 00:18)
Solange: Yeah! You are right, Requiem For a Dream really inrbedicle movie and Jared's acting very impressed me too. Jared is very talented and nice person, i like him even if many people talking some ... (15.07.2013 00:18)
Wanderson: Personal story : when I first saw your Quintessential theme, I was genuinely imressped by its aesthetics and I wished I had such a beautiful theme on my own website. Put simply, I was blown away b... (15.07.2013 20:03)
Wanderson: Personal story : when I first saw your Quintessential theme, I was genuinely imressped by its aesthetics and I wished I had such a beautiful theme on my own website. Put simply, I was blown away b... (15.07.2013 20:04)
Francimauro: Ubuntu Firefox (all versions) has an issue with fixed bkuogracnds, transparency and content set to overflow:auto. It becomes very jerky and non-responsive while scrolling. You have a fair amount o... (15.07.2013 22:52)
Francimauro: Ubuntu Firefox (all versions) has an issue with fixed bkuogracnds, transparency and content set to overflow:auto. It becomes very jerky and non-responsive while scrolling. You have a fair amount o... (15.07.2013 22:52)
Eva: Yes, that is a good point there is a bit more work involved to find cotnnet, and that may return to bite me before its over, but I really needed a change and felt that a return to single-column wa... (16.07.2013 01:56)
Eva: Yes, that is a good point there is a bit more work involved to find cotnnet, and that may return to bite me before its over, but I really needed a change and felt that a return to single-column wa... (16.07.2013 01:56)
Eva: Yes, that is a good point there is a bit more work involved to find cotnnet, and that may return to bite me before its over, but I really needed a change and felt that a return to single-column wa... (16.07.2013 01:56)
Aly: best show ever. i watched all the epdsioes on alluc.com..i think or possibly watchtvsitcoms.com i dont remember? but somehwere out there on the interweb there are all the epdsioes. there is also a... (16.07.2013 13:14)
Meeli: Oh no. It's like me in high school all over again! Twin Peaks is pepahrs the best show from the 90's. (Coming from someone who actually grew up in the 90's and lived life when Kobai... (16.07.2013 14:19)
Kourosh: We seem to be thinking alike most days...bleached jeans, now the 90's...this monring I was watching an old interview with Jarvis Cocker and thinking about how awesome the scene was in general... (16.07.2013 17:30)
Lamesign: Yuummm, Jared Leto. I need to find My so called life on DVD, such a good show.And your right, Kate Moss is way to adbarole on that cover, I just love her spirit, she can pull off anything! (17.07.2013 06:14)
Lamesign: Yuummm, Jared Leto. I need to find My so called life on DVD, such a good show.And your right, Kate Moss is way to adbarole on that cover, I just love her spirit, she can pull off anything! (17.07.2013 06:14)
Pasar: Oh you knew I'd have to comment on this one. :-)Definitely some ear and eye candy this mrnoing. This was the first song I'd heard from them...and it's been on my mp3 player ever sin... (17.07.2013 06:40)
Pasar: Oh you knew I'd have to comment on this one. :-)Definitely some ear and eye candy this mrnoing. This was the first song I'd heard from them...and it's been on my mp3 player ever sin... (17.07.2013 06:40)
Zacksentt: While I am a fan of minimalistic desgins, I personally think that you went a bit overboard with that concept.If you decide to change anything, I personally think that having a background in the co... (17.07.2013 23:26)
Zacksentt: While I am a fan of minimalistic desgins, I personally think that you went a bit overboard with that concept.If you decide to change anything, I personally think that having a background in the co... (17.07.2013 23:26)
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Nurrul: Great advice, honset is best especially given the importance of the day in it. I know of a person who had their camera taken off them for taking a photo. Some casinos can be very protective. I alw... (18.07.2013 00:37)
Nurrul: Great advice, honset is best especially given the importance of the day in it. I know of a person who had their camera taken off them for taking a photo. Some casinos can be very protective. I alw... (18.07.2013 00:37)
Nurrul: Great advice, honset is best especially given the importance of the day in it. I know of a person who had their camera taken off them for taking a photo. Some casinos can be very protective. I alw... (18.07.2013 00:37)
Mosaad: i saw that fight, and actually it was that bad, foesrrt was actually landing shots, not hard ones but he still landed some, then out of nowhere gets clip and goes down, and i was like wtf. i don&... (18.07.2013 02:10)
Mosaad: i saw that fight, and actually it was that bad, foesrrt was actually landing shots, not hard ones but he still landed some, then out of nowhere gets clip and goes down, and i was like wtf. i don&... (18.07.2013 02:10)
Joe: This may sound weird but I wouldn't want andyoby I'd freak out over to follow me. Unfortunately I'm afraid it would make me censor what I tweet and I don't want to do that. I&... (18.07.2013 18:32)
Joe: This may sound weird but I wouldn't want andyoby I'd freak out over to follow me. Unfortunately I'm afraid it would make me censor what I tweet and I don't want to do that. I&... (18.07.2013 18:32)
Victor: Henry Rollins. Not only do I really reecspt the fact the man is one of the original Punk Icons and that he has an actual brain in his noggin, hes got a rockin body, a fantastic sense of humor and ... (19.07.2013 00:08)
Victor: Henry Rollins. Not only do I really reecspt the fact the man is one of the original Punk Icons and that he has an actual brain in his noggin, hes got a rockin body, a fantastic sense of humor and ... (19.07.2013 00:08)
Nevzat: Your's is a point of view where real incleligente shines through. (19.07.2013 00:28)
Nevzat: Your's is a point of view where real incleligente shines through. (19.07.2013 00:28)
Iyamah: I had to go look to see who I even follow lol, but Jackson would funickg kill me if he followed me, Jerad would be kickass as well, but I also would die if Joe Manganiello followed me. But also Pa... (19.07.2013 10:25)
Iyamah: I had to go look to see who I even follow lol, but Jackson would funickg kill me if he followed me, Jerad would be kickass as well, but I also would die if Joe Manganiello followed me. But also Pa... (19.07.2013 10:25)
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